Paymetric sold to Francisco Partners August 26, 2013. Paymetric is the leading provider of integrated and secure ERP payment acceptance solutions that enable companies to streamline the order-to-cash process, reduce the scope and financial burden of achieving PCI compliance and improve return on electronic payment acceptance. Paymetric's solutions support virtually every type of electronic payment in any enterprise system where payment is accepted. Paymetric is recognized as an industry leader and is a three-time award-winning SAP certified partner.

Predixion Software is the leading provider of predictive analytics solutions with full integration into Microsoft's BI platform. Predixion's cloud and on-premise solutions enable Self-Service Predictive Analytics (SSPA) allowing customers to use and analyze large amounts of data to make actionable decisions within the familiar environments of Excel and PowerPivot. Predixion Software is based in Orange County, California with development offices in Redmond, Washington.
Ravenflow, acquired by Versata Enterprises in March 2011, revolutionizes the way that software requirements and business processes are developed, validated and managed. It is well-known that requirements errors are the primary cause of project failure and budget overruns. Businesses and solution providers need a way to identify and correct requirements errors before they become costly mistakes. Ravenflow fills that need by offering a suite of products that help people specify, validate, and manage requirements.
RealOps was acquired by BMC Software, Inc., (NYSE: BMC) in July 2007. The company leader in IT service management, delivers proven Run Book Automation and IT Process Automation software that streamlines and accelerates execution of critical operational service functions. RealOps bridges people, process, and technology within IT service management - enabling customers to minimize service downtime, prioritize operations response in accordance with varied service levels, and reduce overall operating costs. RealOps customers include leading service providers and enterprises with highly complex, global IT operations environments.
Silver Creek Systems was acquired by Oracle Corporation (NASDAQ: ORCL) in December 2009. The company provides innovative software addressing the complex task of improving the quality of enterprise data. Silver Creek Systems' semantic transformation platform extracts concepts, context, and meaning from core business data and automates the transformation to make it more understandable and usable throughout the enterprise. Key applications, for example, supply chain systems, yield more of the benefits they were designed to deliver because the hindrances created by poor quality data are removed.
Strix Systems , acquired by iDream Holdings Pvt., Ltd., a privately held company, in November 2008, has developed a systems approach that delivers smart, flexible, and secure networking for the wireless Enterprise marketplace. Strix Systems delivers solutions that move wireless switching, routing, and mesh networking out of the wiring closet and into the air. The Access/One™ Network combines multiple radio technologies - 802.11b/a/g and 802.15.1 Bluetooth - and uses innovative system software in a mesh network to distribute intelligence and switching throughout the network. In November 2008, Strix was acquired by iDream Holdings Pvt., Ltd., a privately held company, for an undisclosed amount of cash.

Utique does for retail what ATMs do for banks -- a localized, 24/7 automated storefront that allows consumers to retrieve products instantly via proprietary vending technologies, or V-Commerce. Consumers learn about products through an intuitive digital touch screen and unique interactive display experience. U*tique Shop is bridging the gap between e-commerce and instant gratification, providing consumers with a curated assortment of products and information when and where they want it.

Virtela is an Internet protocol service provider of managed virtual private networks (IP-VPNs), firewalls, performance monitoring, and other value-added services to large Fortune 2000-scale businesses. Virtela employs several technological enhancements to produce lower costs, greater security, and more reliable service level agreement (SLA) support than competing frame relay and global IP services.
Voxify® was sold to 24/7 Customer, Inc., a privately held company, in 2011. Voxify enables contact centers to offer self-service for customer phone calls. Voxify Automated Agents® are speech applications that offer the lowest risk to deployment and a rapid return on investment. Built from industry-specific templates and patented conversational models, Voxify Automated Agents allow callers to speak naturally - resulting in the best customer service. Voxify offers managed services for both hosted & premise-based deployments. Millions of callers around the globe speak daily to Voxify Automated Agents when calling such companies as Continental Airlines, Hammacher Schlemmer, and Wyndham International.